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Years ago, I took a tour of Germany and yes, brought back several beer steins as souvenirs for family and friends.   Included below is a brief history of beer steins from some new friends at 1001 Beer Steins.  It answered a lot of questions I didn’t know I had.  They even have a shopping cart.  I did a quick search and found this fox-themed stein that I personally have and was surprised that you could still get it today.   Enjoy.

While it is certainly not a necessity to drink your beer out of a beer stein, a beer stein can enhance your beer drinking experience. One of the main perks to drinking from a beer stein is that it keeps your beer cold for a longer period of time. This allows you more time to really appreciate your brew before it gets too warm to drink. If you buy a beer stein that has a wide body, you are better able to appreciate the scent and aroma of your beer while you are enjoying it. You can take a beer stein with you anywhere allowing you to take your love for a good beer on the road.  Also, beer steins hold a lot more beer than a traditional glass, often up to a liter’s worth of beer at a time.

Of course, there are those that just enjoy collecting nice beer steins and that’s okay too. You wouldn’t want to take a valuable authentic beer stein with you when you go out to drink.  Those are more for display purposes.

Whatever type of beer stein you are interested in, 1001 Beer Steins is a great resource for locating an authentic beer stein that is perfect for you. It is also a fantastic website for collectors of German beer steins.

A beer stein can be made out of many different materials including pewter, silver, porcelain, earthenware, ceramic, crystal, wood and even glass.  The history of the German beer stein dates back to the bubonic plague. For hygiene purposes, it was believed best to have a person’s food and drink covered to prohibit the spread of the disease.  Thus, the lid was created to top beer mugs and prevents the spread of illness. At first, it was merely stone beer mugs with lids attached, but it evolved into a European art form and tradition.

1001 Beer Steins has one of the largest collections of beer glassware on the web. From the simplest of designs to the most elaborate collector pieces, you can find an authentic beer stein quickly and easily.  The whole point of 1001 Beer Steins is to help those seeking a beer stein to find one or more that they absolutely love. This is why they stock such a large inventory of authentic beer steins.

Basically, 1001 Beer Steins offers anything you can imagine in terms of finding the best way to appreciate, or serve, your favorite brews. Their high quality beer steins and glasses will have even the most avid stein enthusiast in awe of their selection.

Beer enthusiasts may search 1001 Beer Steins by the type of stein, the artwork on the stein, or my cost. Truly the sky is the limit in terms of the type of beer stein you are looking for and the price you are willing to pay. Whether you want one for yourself, your collection, or to give away as a gift – 1001 Beer Steins has the beer container you are looking for.

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