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Tucson restaurant news: Bobby Flay, Primavera Cooks

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Tucson restaurant news

Bobby Flay’s Tucson
I heard the Bobby Flay was in Tucson last night and ate at El Charro, just walked in like anybody else. What was he doing in Tucson? I hope he gets to try some other local restaurant institutions too.

What are the top three local restaurants you take out of town guests to and why? What other local Tucson restaurants would you recommend to Bobby Flay?

Primavera Cooks!
This summer long event pairs Tucson’s best chefs and most gracious restaurateurs from Tucson Originals with a worthy community cause – the Primavera Foundation. This nonprofit organization helps the homeless by providing food, shelter, and job training. Several years ago my friends and I served Christmas dinner at their men’s shelter. What was amazing to me at the time was that the majority of homeless men were veterans…so very sad.

For Primavera Cooks! you can get involved as a diner, apprentice chef, or apprentice sommelier.  I have been a diner at Feast and an apprentice chef at Kingfisher Bar & Grill. Both were amazing experiences but if you like to cook – get into the kitchen and throw your proverbial soul into the frying pan. It’s more fun (and exhaustion) than mere mortals are allowed to have.  Become a fan of Primavera Cooks on Facebook now and you can enter to win two free dinners at the May 19 dinner at J-BAR (their contest, not mine)

Here are the participating restaurants:

  • J-Bar – May 19
  • Feast – June 7
  • Maynard’s – June 16
  • Pastiche – June 21
  • Jax Kitchen – June 30
  • Acacia – August 11
  • Janos – August 26
  • Lodge on the Desert -September 8
  • Jonathan’s – September 16
  • Kingfisher – September 19

Coming up next…delicious summer time deals so you don’t get the Tucson summertime blues.

  1. I thought I would answer my own question about where to take out of town guests. First of all, it has to be a local restaurant, something that cannot get everywhere.

    I just took a friend to Cup Cafe because he wasn’t previously in Tucson and we were going out to breakfast. I took him there because the food is always good, the pennies on the floor, the overall historical artful decor or art deco, and he got to read all about Dillinger. He loved it.

    While in Tucson his other friends took him to North and Oregano’s. He found his way to El Charro downtown, Teresa’s Mosaic Cafe, and Fioritos.

    I frequently take out of town guests to Cafe Poca Cosa, Maynards or Cup Cafe, Arizona Inn for piano bar, Zivaz because it’s close and the food is really good also how many do you know who have had a hibiscus margarita?

  2. Karyn – what’s the name of that pizza place that has the special ovens you took me to? That one is special as well. As a frequent visitor to Tucson, I enjoy Cafe Poca Cosa, Dakota, an Asian fusion place in a shopping center (can’;t remember the name), JBar, and Terra Cotta. I have been to the Cup and several other breakfast places that are good. Tucson is a good foodie town.

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