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Fondant Cake Decorating Ideas

I happened upon a fondant cake competition recently and thought you would enjoy seeing some of the fantastic creations possible with this sugary medium. I love the bright colors!   If you want to try this yourself, be sure to read Jennifer’s post on fondant cake icing tips.

  1. A few years ago I went to my friend’s mother’s 80th birthday party. My friend and another friend made the cake and the accessories. I walked into the party and walked around and my friend said, “What are you looking for?” And I said, “the cake.”

    I didn’t recognize the cake because it looked like a gorgeous wide brimmed hat and then there was a dressing table mirror and old fashioned hair brush and comb set with her mom’s initials – B. Aside from the cake hat the rest was fondant and it was amazing, absolutely amazing.

  2. I used to be an instructor for the Wilton Method and understand that they do quite a lot with fondant and gumpaste these days. If you have a large craft store in your area, Dore, like a Michaels or JoAnns they may have a class starting soon.

    (I’m no longer affiliated with Wilton, for the record–had to give it up when my Culinary School classes interfered with my teaching schedule–but they do make the basic techniques accessible.)

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