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New Loveland Ohio BBQ on the Bike Path

Don’t you just love it when you discover a new place to eat!  I do.  It satisfies my image of being an adventurer.  That’s what happened Saturday when Jim and I were exploring Loveland Ohio after we had just finished up at the Cincinnati Flower Show. 

There were several lively restaurants on the main street, but as we turned the corner to walk on the bike path, we smelled that familiar BBQ aroma and it quickly took us to Liberty City Barbeque on the side street next to the Little Miami bike path. 

They have all the typical items you would expect for a BBQ joint – pork ribs, pork rib tips, beef ribs, baby back ribs, beef brisket and sandwiches with pulled pork, sliced beef, turkey or fish or chicken.  But they had some other more unusual things as well, including fried fish, smoked jamaican jerk chicken and smoked turkey. 

We are talking authentic BBQ here.  Their smoker was out in the back and they let me take a peek.  They use hickory, cherry and apple woods to get that great smokey BBQ flavor.

Jim had a pulled pork sandwich and I had their ham and bean soup, which I thought was exceptional – not too thick and with a flavor that showed they put some additional secret ingredients into it.

They just opened up last week in this new location.  For the previous two years, they had “tested the waters” with a street vendor concession stand.  Their new location couldn’t be better and has lots of patio seating for front-row seats where all the bike path action is.  They are going to do well. 

Next time you are on the bike path in Loveland, stop by for a hearty meal that is sure to please.  They are located on 200 West Loveland Ave., in Loveland, Ohio.  513-583-8030 libertycitybbq@hotmail.com

  1. Hi Mary,

    I am Terrell’s better half. 🙂 Just wanted to say thanks for writing this article up – very nicely done. I’ve already sent the link out to all my friends, family and co-workers so hope that helps with traffic to Circle of Food as well.


    1. Karen, glad you ‘stopped by’. Thanks for spreading the word about “Circle of Food Blog”. Good luck with your new BBQ restaurant along the Little Miami Bike path in Loveland Ohio. We’ll be back!

  2. Hi
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  3. Karl, you’ll have to contact Liberty City BBQ yourself. Here is their contact info: They are located on 200 West Loveland Ave., in Loveland, Ohio. 513-583-8030 libertycitybbq@hotmail.com

    I hope you have a fantastic family reunion.

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