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All Natural Chicken Sausage by Al Fresco – Good Enough to Eat

This job definitely has its perks!  From time to time, companies ask us if we’d like to try their new products to review here on our healthy food blog.  Al Fresco offered to send me two flavors of their all natural link sausages.  Who doesn’t like sausage!  So naturally, I said yes.

I grew up on sausage, but in the 60’s we did not have the choices that we have today – on many levels.  I was particularly interested in trying this new product because it has asolutely no artificial ingredients, no MSG or preservatives, is gluten free, and has 70% less fat (than USDA data for cooked Pork Sausage). 

They also are fully cooked.  Which I appreciate.  I am a simple eater.  I just popped them into the microwave with a little bit of water in a covered dish and nuked them for 45 seconds.  They came out perfectly done – not overcooked.  My husband, who LOVES sausage, preferred to slice them in two and cook them in a pan on the stove for a few minutes.  Again – fast and easy.

OK.  OK.  But did they taste good?  Yes!  Both flavor varieties that they sent me (Sweet Italian Style Chicken Sausage with fresh red and green peppers and Roasted Pepper & Asiago Chicken Sausage with mesquite smoke) were both outstanding.  I would not hesitate to serve them to guests.

But more importantly, I would eat them regularly, and without guilt, because of their low calorie and fat content.  They each count as 3 Weight Watchers points.  The Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage has only 130 calories per link, with only 7g of fat.  Compare that to another brand of link sausage I have in my freezer right now that has 180 calories per link with 9g of fat and is equivalent to 4 Weight Watchers points – Al Fresco is the winner in my book!

What’s the difference?  Well to me, in addition to their gourmet flavors, the difference is equivalent to 1 Weight Watchers point.  That means I can eat something else in addition to this – like a piece of fruit, an ounce of cheese, another piece of bread.  The point is, that it gives me more choices without giving anything up. 

  1. Ever since we got back from our Carnival cruise last January (oh, so very long ago it feels!!!) we’ve been on the hunt for a stand-in for the chicken sausage they serve on the ships. Al Fresco’s Sweet Apple with Vermont Maple Syrup was an early contender and very tasty! Still not exactly what we were looking for, but we wouldn’t turn up our nose being served it again 🙂

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