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Cherry Cupcake Apron Debuts in Sex and City 2 Movie

As seen in Sex & the City movie

I have always been a fan of the TV show Sex & the City. I mean, after all, at this stage of my life, a woman has got to live vicariously.

I have always wondered why Carrie settled for Mr. Big. She’s way too good for him but then again she is so conflicted and her closet is bigger than my bedrooms combined.

But back to the subject topic…the people behind Jessie Steele, a niche  apparel company making retro-chic vintage-inspired hostess aprons, kitchen aprons & cooking aprons for the contemporary woman, were so excited to learn that in the movie trailer, Charlotte and her daughter are wearing matching Jessie Steele aprons.

In their excitement, Jessie Steele asked us to invite  Circle of Food blog readers  to take advantage of a 15 percent discount on the Bib Audrey Cherry Cupcakes apron for adults and or children. Enter the code coupon BLOG10 at the Jessie Steele website; the code is valid through June 4, 2010.

You can watch the movie trailer here.

Jessie Steele aprons have always appeared on Desperate Housewives and Oprah.

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