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Sakura Hibachi

About a week and a half ago, my aunt came to visit me at The University of Toledo. We had a wonderful day that consisted of going to the market, out to lunch, shopping, and even enjoying a nice walk around the Old Orchard community.

The nice hibachi lunch we ate at was Sakura.This restaurant is on the expensive side, so it was only my second visit.

From the moment we sat down, we were given a wonderful lunch experience and it was worth the price! From the beginning, we were seated with another group of woman because of how the tables are set up. This may seem weird to you, but it really brings everyone together and can be fun to get to know others while enjoying a nice meal. When we ordered, there were not only endless options, but also a huge sushi selection. After we ordered, we were immediately brought fresh tea and onion soup. We also received a side salad with ginger dressing. After talking and enjoying the rest of the beginning treats, the chef came out for the real fun. He really made the cooking experience fun and was very interactive with the people at the table waiting for food. One of his very cool tricks was to cut an onion into a tower shape, pour oil in it, and light it on fire. This made a huge fire volcano out of an onion that was very neat to see. Another cool part of the experience is catching shrimp in your mouth. The four of us passed because we did not want to try, but I have seen it done before.

When our food finally was finished cooking, it looked amazing. Not only did each entree have tons of rice, veggies and meat, but it was delicious.

Overall, the restaurant food was great, but the reason to go is the environment and the experience of the hibachi. Everyone definitely needs to try this if they have never been!!!

Torie Nicholas

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