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Do you remember??

Do you remember food over the years that companies thought was a brilliant idea, but once the food came out, it was quickly taken off the marketplace because customers didn’t like it??

One of the foods I always remember were fries called Funky Fries. These fries came in funky flavors and colors. Some of the choices included chocolate fries, blue colored fries, and cinnamon fries. Needless to say, they were off the market very quickly.

Another food I remember not lasting very long was RTD. It was called Ready to Drink and was a strategic alliance product made by Nestle and Coke. This product had a great plan and a wonderful thought, but it was quickly overtaken by the Starbucks bottled frap. The frap drink was created by Pepsi and Starbucks, and still exists today, but needless to say, RTD doesn’t.

Do you remember any other foods that were in and out like that??

Torie Nicholas

  1. Yes. I remember that too. They had like color changing. Although it was cool, it was still very strange.

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