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Tucson: Pie Party is Back – April 11

Pie Party Buffet


This three letter word conjures homey happenings, familiar aromas, and just a sense of place that remains with us through the decades.

Everyone has a favorite pie.  Mine is tied between lemon meringue and apple but not just any apple pie. It has to be apple pie like my maternal grandmother made. In my lifetime, only one other apple pie has come close.

Two local, pie loving people named Turtle and Ian are once again holding an expanded pie party at Dunbar Avenue School. The pie party will benefit local grassroot charities.

The more pie you enter into the contest, the more chances you have to pick a charity to win the prizes, and the more chances you have to win cool prizes, and the more pies there are for people to eat. Simple.

Anyway, this is what I love about Tucson — it’s not Scottsdale.

Tucson has quirky events and I like it. I may even enter a pie or two for the contest. Pie-eyed ideas are now floating around in my brain.

Read all about the pie party, past pie parties, how to enter, and how much fun we can all have.

What’s a Petootie Pie?

The photo is from a previous pie party.

  1. My husband loves to share that the first word he ever learned to spell was P-I-E. His mom was a great cook.

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