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Tucson restaurant news: Eat for less, food value

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Tucson restaurant news: Where to eat for less

Unlike some big metropolitan areas studded with celebs and wannabes, Tucson is refreshingly down to earth or so says a recent visitor from L.A.

I like to eat out and am consciously looking for deals but want good food and attentive service. Are the two mutually exclusive? No way, here are some resources.

Tucson on the Cheap is one of the best sources to find deals, food and otherwise. You might not care for all the various establishments but where to eat is about choices and they do a terrific public service.

Tucson Metromix also has a round up of dining deals. Some were news to me and whetted my appetite. Check it out including some interesting happy hours; I don’t mind eating early or in the case of Jonathan’s, late. If I’m still awake at that hour.

Currently all three Sauce restaurant locations offer the $7.50 lunch (from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily) which includes a non-alcoholic beverage and roll. You can choose among a bowl of soup and salad, a salad and pasta, or soup and pasta. I have gone a few times and am always pleased.

Then there’s the Dining Card presented by Arizona Daily Star. The card costs $20 and has a buy one, get one free at several restaurant between now and through October. If you eat at one or two of the restaurants, you’ve already paid for your $20 investment.

Tucson Originals also has a dining card. For every dollar you spend (less tax and tip), you get a point. When you accrue $150, you can get $10 discount. If you’re eating out anyway, this is a nice perk. Tucson Originals also offers discounted gift certificates four times a year. The next opportunity is March 24. Rise and shine early and you just might get lucky.

If you have any Tucson dining deals, please send them to eat.tucson@yahoo.com

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