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Here’s a good article naming the 15 best food movies of all time and the 10 best food documentaries along with video clips.

First for the movies:

  • Moonstruck: For Italian lovers and lovers period. What an electric duo – a younger Cher & Nicholas Cage
  • Soul Food
  • Mostly Martha
  • Fried Green Tomatoes – at the Whistle Stop Cafe
  • Fast Food Nation – a negative commercial for fast food
  • Delicatessen – reminds me of Eating Raoul
  • Julia & Julie – Have you own Julia & Julie party
  • Waitress – More Nicholas Cage
  • Like Water for Chocolate
  • Soylent Green – anti-food movie
  • Chocolat – Johnny Depp and chocolate, what more could a woman want?
  • Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory
  • Sideways – appealed to the winos or oenophiles
  • Eat, Drink, Man, Woman
  • Babette’s Feast – there are worst ways to die

There’s one stark omission here and it’s Tortilla Soup. Every scene was practically in the kitchen and the food for the film was produced by the Two Hot Tamales.

The 10 documentaries are a provocative list and the #1 food documentary on this list is Food, Inc., which has been nominated for best documentary 2010 for the Academy Awards.

Eat, love, watch food movies.

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