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Oscars 2010 Party Ideas, Food for Thought

Clooney in 2009
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Oscars Party 2010

Every year I write about having a theme party for the Oscars and this year is no exception except I’m more tardy than usual. This year, 10 movies are nominated for best picture instead of the usual five. Geez, I hope that doesn’t make the long show longer.

Here’s some Oscars food for thought:

With Earth an ecological disaster, a corporation sets its sights on the distant planet Pandora, which possesses a mineral that can be used as a valuable energy source. To overcome the resistance of the planet’s indigenous population, the Na’vi, former Marine Jake Sully is sent to infiltrate the society as a part-human, part-Na’vi avatar who can operate on Pandora while Jake himself remains in a twilight sleep.

My bad — I didn’t see the movie. It’s 2 hours 36 minutes which is too long for my attention span. Also, by the time I finally decided to see it (today), the movie theatre was not offering 3-D glasses.

Oscar Party Idea
You must have blue drinks made with blueberry liquor or blue Curacao. Ask guests to paint their bodies blue (for an outside party only) or wear 3-D glasses.

The Blindside
African-American teenager Michael Oher has been in and out of the foster care system throughout his difficult childhood. When suburban mom Leigh Anne Tuohy, whose children are Michael’s schoolmates, discovers him living on the streets, he gains a home with the Tuohy family and receives the stability and encouragement he needs to develop his talents as a football player.

I saw this movie today based on a true story when I couldn’t see Avatar. Sandra Bullock waited her entire career for this perfectly plum role. The best line in this movie was, “Who would’ve thought we would have a black son before knowing a Democrat?”

Oscar Party Idea
This movie takes place in Tennessee so bring some Memphis BBQ into the mix. It looks like Memphis BBQ is into to dry rub, pulled pork and ribs. Read this mouthwatering website.

Guests can wear their favorite Southern college football jerseys.

District 9
The arrival of an enormous disabled spaceship over Johannesburg, South Africa, has led to the establishment of a refugee camp on the city’s outskirts for the ship’s starving, stranded aliens. Leading an attempt to relocate its inhabitants to a more remote location is security expert Wikus van de Merwe, whose lack of knowledge about the visitors will undergo a dramatic change when he becomes infected with an alien substance.

I have never heard of this movie.

Oscar Party Idea
The above paragraph mentions “alien substance.”  Maybe you can serve one of the items from the latest food recalls. Take your pick there are many.

An Education
When Jenny, a 16-year-old English schoolgirl, finds herself the object of a calculated seduction by a charming older man, she is by turns wary, flattered, and disarmed by his interest. As their relationship develops, Jenny is drawn deeper into a sophisticated world of wealth and style that may be too good to be true.

I loved this movie and the character development. One of the best lines in the movie is after Jenny lost her virginity. She says something to the effect…I’m surprised they make such a big deal out of something that takes so little time.

Oscar Party Idea
You could either go English and do tea, scones, and butter or ale, bangers and mash or go French and drink French champagne and pate.

The Hurt Locker

As the war in Iraq continues, Staff Sgt. William James carries out one of the most dangerous of all military assignments: bomb defusing. While James thrives on the job’s risks, the head of his support team, Sgt. JT Sanborn, becomes increasingly worried by what he feels is a growing recklessness in James’s behavior.

Unfortunately, I have not seen this movie which has already won numerous awards. It’s directed by Kathryn Bigelow who is the ex wife of James Cameron who directed Avatar and Titantic. I’m sure there will be plenty of jokes about that.

Oscar Party Idea
Since I didn’t see the movie, I don’t have a recommendation other than rations but I don’t like to joke about this ugly war that we’re in so I won’t.

Inglorious Basterds
Shosanna, a resourceful young movie theater owner fighting to stay one step ahead of the Nazis in occupied France, plots her revenge on the man responsible for her family’s death, the flamboyant Col. Hans Landa. Her plan soon draws the attention of Lt. Aldo Raine, who leads a group of Jewish soldiers known as the Basterds in a savage campaign behind enemy lines.

I didn’t see this movie either.

Oscar Party Idea

Pre Nazi Germany or France is not exactly a celebration. I recommend bratwurst and beer or omelets, potatoes, and white table wine. Old movie posters from that era might make apt prizes or decorations.

Sixteen-year-old Precious Jones is overweight, nearly illiterate, and the victim of horrific physical and verbal abuse at the hands of her mother and father. Facing a seemingly hopeless future, Precious transfers to a new school, where a dedicated teacher and fellow classmates offer the unhappy young girl a chance for a new life.

I didn’t see this either but it has a similar them as The Blind Side. I’m glad to see this smaller budget film being nominated for best picture.

Oscar Party Idea
The story unfolds in Harlem which is a melting pot like anywhere else. Think soul food, Creole, African, Caribbean fusion.

Serious Man
In a series of escalating personal catastrophes, physics professor Larry Gopnik finds himself facing an unfaithful wife, ungrateful children, a troubled brother-in-law and poison pen letters at work. But Gopnik is a fundamentally decent man, and he tries, with increasing despair, to respond rationally and fairly to trials befitting a modern-day Job.

Ethan and Joel Coen frequently have movies nominated for best picture and other awards. I didn’t see this movie.

Oscar Party Idea
If the lead character is stressed out and in despair, he is not eating well would be my educated guess. He’s probably eating a lot of junk food, white flour, lunch meat, and making bad food choices. Pop open the doritos.

Carl Fredricksen, a gruff, lonely old man, thwarts an attempt to force him out of his home by launching it into the air with hundreds of helium balloons. As he sets his sights on South America, however, Carl discovers he has an inadvertent stowaway: a Boy Scout named Russell who was trapped on his front porch.

I actually saw this movie. It’s animated; it’s sweet but I wouldn’t call it best picture quality.

Oscar Party Idea
Decorate your party with lots of helium balloons and stuff that kids would like like bowls of M&Ms and PBJ sandwiches. Actually, I like that and I’m not a kid.

Up in the Air
Ryan Bingham is a corporate downsizer who spends his days in hotels, airports, and airplanes as he travels around the country laying off other companies’ workers with polished finesse. His pursuit of a life without emotional connections is called into question, however, by his interactions with two women, one a sophisticated fellow traveler and the other an inexperienced young colleague.

George Clooney has never looked better. Let’s hear it for celebrity eye candy.

Oscar Party Idea
All I remember about this movie is they were always drinking — wine or martinis with three olives plus pretzels and bowls of nuts. Enough said.

There you have it for best picture nominations.

Then you can always ditch these ideas and eat well like in Julie & Julia.

What kind of food or cocktails will you be serving?

  1. Kind of an odd idea to do a blog post on Oscar recipes when you haven’t seen half of the nominated films or have suggestions for them…

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