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CNN Interviews Circle of Food Blogger Mary Johnson

Best Actress Academy Award
Image by cliff1066™ via Flickr

Well, my 15-minutes of fame has arrived. Last week, a reporter from CNN searched for Julia and Julia-themed parties and found a blog post I wrote on a Julia and Julia Christmas dinner  party I helped plan with friend Carolyn Mueller.  She simply left a comment on the blog post which sends an immediate email to me (yes I do read all of your comments).  I immediately responded and the interview was conducted within hours of her initial contact.

Her main goal was to gather theme ideas  for parties you could throw for the upcoming Academy Awards.

She spent 20 minutes, first learning a little about me in general, then talking about my experience with the themed party.  She was a great listener and kept asking lots of open-ended questions.  It was fun.

Here is the official link to the CNN article, hot-off-the-press, that CNN did from their interview with me last week.  I’ll have to check out the other people she interviewed for the article as well.


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