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Tucson: Three new locally owned restaurant recommendations

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Three new Tucson restaurants worth mentioning

Recently, I went to three fairly new locally-owned modest restaurants that I really enjoyed. Give them a try:

Seoul Kitchen
Been here twice already and will go back again. The cozy interior sparkles and service shines. Menu is reasonable, mostly under $10 plus beer, wine, and sake. Either ate or tasted Korean BBQ chicken, Korean short ribs, japchae (beef & vegetable noodle dish), and bibimbap (beef and vegetables with a fried egg). All meals were served with miso soup, rice, and kim chee like pickled condiments. Located at 4951 E. Grant Road (Crossroads shopping center next to Alphagraphics), 881-7777.

Inca’s Cuisine
Here’s another cozy gem not exactly in my driving radar but lucky for those people who live near Kolb/Sunrise. Incas even has an adequate wine list and tiny bar for those who prefer to eat solo. My friend enjoyed the Peruvian rotisserie chicken made on an eco-stove. Her meal was served with salad and rice or fries. She asked for salsa as she found the chicken somewhat dry needing to be annointed. I chose a pulled chicken dish made with Peruvian peppers and walnuts. The dish’s  flavor was unlike anything I’ve eaten but I liked the melding of flavors and subtle spiciness. Again, most entrees hover around $10. I would definitely go back here when in that part of town. Inca’s is located at  6878 E. Sunrise Dr @ Kolb (between Bashas & Subway) 299-1405. Here’s the menu.

I hope this restaurant succeeds as this location has had a huge turnover. I just ate lunch here today and for a Wednesday, there was a good sized crowd all expertly handled by one wait person, perhaps the owner, a cook, and a sushi chef. We both had lunch specials. My friend ordered the tempura bento box which came with huge servings of vegetables and even a tempura banana spear. I opted for the sashimi and Calif. sushi roll. Lunch came with miso soup, edamame, and a tiny ice cream scoop for dessert. Kazoku is located at 4210 E. Speedway between Alvernon Way & Columbus, 777-6249.

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