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The Truth about College Living

I live in the Alpha Chi Omega sorority house will 25 other girls. Although this may seem like a mess to some, I really enjoy it. But once you live with 25 other girls, you start to learn a lot more about them. This not only brought me closer to a lot of my sisters, but it also showed me how healthy I eat in college, especially compared to others.

I asked a few of my friends to write down what they eat in a typical day and here are my results. I am not going to share any names, but it was very interesting to find out the large variety as you will soon see in eating habits.

Girl #1: 130 lbs.

A salad and a diet Pepsi everyday. Sometimes pizza or fast food on top of her salad. Candy is eaten daily.

Girl #2: 145 lbs.

Starbucks once or twice a day. Salad, pizza, brownie, cookie, Starbucks, tea, nachos, apple, chips, noodles, beef, salad, and other snacks (this was all consumed in ONE day)

Girl #3: 170 lbs.

Pasta, chicken, cereal, milk, juice, sandwich, chips, garlic bread, ice cream

Girl #4: 112 lbs.

Salad or subway, diet coke, candy, sandwich, pickle, rice cake

And then there is me!! I usually eat a breakfast bar in the morning with a apple or orange and water. For lunch I have usually a sandwich with fruit and veggies and if I am treating myself, I will have pretzels or a small dessert. For dinner, I usually make either pasta (because it cheap) or grilled chicken with rice and veggies. I usually never eat dessert because I eat dinner late enough as it is with my busy schedule. For snacks which I usually don’t have time to even eat, I have fruit, dried fruit, candy, or pita and hummus.

Torie Nicholas

  1. Very interesting. Good for you in maintaining the discipline needed to do this surrounded by all the pressure from your friends. But I know you are only telling part of the story. The other two things in the equation are exercise and portion size.

    As a former overweight youth – hitting 170# at my peak, I speak from experience. Pesonally, back then I would eat more “healthy” spaghetti that a male football player – going back for seconds, no less. Why? It tasted good and I was allowed to out of “love”.

    I hope you are able to influence your friends throuh example. Good luck.

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