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Soda Pop is a Killer

A Diet Pepsi can.
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Pop is a regular part of many people’s routine, but can it be avoided?

For me, I crave pop every once in awhile, so I usually have cans around. Although I have cans usually laying around my place, I know pop is not a problem for me because I prefer to drink water and it usually takes me a couple weeks to finish a 12 pack of pop. I am lucky enough it isn’t a problem, but for a lot of people, they need pop.

My roommate in college drinks diet Pepsi and only diet Pepsi. She probably only has a can or so a day, but if she doesn’t have that can, she freaks out and suffers bad headaches.

One of my mom’s friends is so addicted to pop that he has to drink multiple cans a day just to fell normal.

Even though it is just pop, cutting out pop in your diet or reducing the amount of pop you drink can be a real plus. If you drink  a lot of pop and cut it out over time, you can loose a lot of weight.

Tips for cutting out pop:

– Slowly cut out the pop from your diet. If you try to eliminate it all at once, you will suffer headaches from the lack of caffeine and it will be nearly impossible to stick to.

If you eliminate the pop little by little, you will eventually rid your body of the toxins that cause you to get headaches from the lack of pop.

Also, while reducing the number of pops per day, increase your water intake, your exercise, and your healthy foods. This will all keep you on the right track and help you loose weight!

Torie Nicholas

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