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Wendy’s to the Rescue

Wendy’s is working with the Dave Thomas Foundation to raise money for the Haiti Relief. A lot of companies have stepped up so far to help, and all the money is needed. From February 10 to the 28th, Wendy’s will be collecting money in the stores and online from their customers and employees. This effort will help to get money down to Haiti for repair.

The Dave Tomas foundation has been a leader in helping out poor kids finding anew home and a family for adoption. They are again, time after time, working together to help the kids and all those affected in Haiti.

Besides Wendy’s helping to raise money, many other US companies have been behaving ethically and donating food, water and supplies to Haiti. The University of Toledo sent a lot of supplies and shirts down to Haiti and many companies keep sending clean water so they have a chance with re development.

Torie Nicholas

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