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Monette’s Market

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Monette’s Market, located in Toledo, Ohio is a wonderful shopping experience. I love shopping there because it is not only a good deal, but it very clean, and has a wide variety of products.

I started going to Monette’s last year when I came to college at Toledo. I was turned onto this store by my friend and I fell in love. It is a small marketplace that carries mostly fruits, vegetables, and also has a wonderful deli. I love to shop there because I can get food for an entire week, minus a few essential items, and I will only spend $20.

A typical shopping excursion for me consists of apples, oranges, strawberries, potatoes, field greens, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, green beans, cheese, deli meat, hummus, bread, bagels, salsa and whatever looks good. On average, everything I mentioned above cots about twenty to twenty five dollars. You have to realize everything I just said, and you will too understand it is a very good deal. I just wish there were Monette’s in the Cleveland area when I go home to visit.

Torie Nicholas

  1. Monettes Market is the only place I shop for fresh, whole foods with nutritional goodness. My family used to be so picky when it came to fruits and vegetables, they would hardly eat a thing! Then I discovered Monettes Market. We all went shopping that week, the whole family, and each of us found something we loved. My family is still picky, but now we have found a place where all of us can find something we love. There’s no more arguing at the dinner table. Now everyone has a food that they enjoy! Thank you Monette’s for making sense out of meals!

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