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Getting the most bang for your buck

Example of an American grocery store aisle.
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Although I am only 19 and in college, I DO know how to save money. I am know to my sorority as the coupon freak, and I am ok with that. Coupons can save a lot of money and more people should start using them.

For me, I bought a simple recipe organizer at Target for $1 and organized it by categories of coupons. It is small enough to fit in my purse and I take it everywhere with coupons in it. You will never know when you have a coupon for something unless you have them with you at all times. You might think that this seems a little crazy, but you really can get coupons for anything. Most people think coupons are only for groceries, and 30 cents off really doesn’t matter, but it can add up. I have not only found coupons for grocery items, but I also get coupons for shopping, travel, and restaurants.

I always love going out with my friends to a restaurant and them remembering I have a coupon for it. Since I always keep the book with me, I end up saving a lot of money and it has really added up over the past year.

The only problem with people and coupons is buying items you do NOT need. If you have a coupon and buy it for that reason only, you are of course not saving money because you would have never bought it in the first place, but if you are already planning on buying it, might as well use it.

The best places to look for coupons are in the Sunday paper, and online. Some of my favorite online sites are thunderfap.com and sweetfreestuff.com Both of these places always have great deals and free offers.

Torie Nicholas

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