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Valentines Day: Going to the Dogs

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Image by Pink Sherbet Photography via Flickr

Valentines Day is for the young.

If there is no one in your life, there’s no reason to feel badly. Feb 14 is just another day. You can console yourself that it’s also the beginning of Chinese New Year — go celebrate as it’s the year of the Tiger. One of the Chinese New Year traditions is to wear red underwear to stave off unlucky events. Maybe that tradition can do double duty for unlucky events on  Valentines Day.

You can always celebrate Valentines with your dog in mind. After all who else on the planet gives you more unconditional love than your dog?

Here’s a few of my favorite things for my dog or dog related stuff for me.

Keychain, cards, jewelry, postage, t-shirts, vegan chocolates

My dog is a sweetheart all year but here’s a heart-y collar.

Unique postage to help the animals and other charities

  1. Great post. I’m not sure that Valentine’s Day is only for the young — several people find partners with whom they’re besotted later in life and — but it’s great to also acknowledge that many people choose to celebrate interspecies love.

  2. We should think of everyday being Valentine’s Day. I know when it’s a rough day, my cat is always here to make me feel great.

  3. Well for me, Valentine’s Day is not only for the young ones and to those who have someone special. But it’s for everyone who knows how to celebrate it. If you don’t have any companion for that day, don’t feel bad because you can still celebrate it. Why not share your love and blessings to others such as taking visits, donations to some charities? That would be great gift for them. =) Well we should also give love everyday not only on Christmas day. Most especially the Valentine’s Day. =D By the way, if you’re planning to buy a gift for your love ones or a co-worker, you might try to give him a stainless steel tiffin carrier. Your love one will really love it and will feel your deep feeling for him/her. Because a steel container is very safe than plastic bags.

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