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2010 flavor forecast from McCormick

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What do you think about these 10 flavor pairings?

1.    Roasted Ginger & Rhubarb —  Exciting layers of spicy and sour, with warming notes and a powerful tang
2.    Thai Basil & Watermelon —   A colorful study in contrasts offers a sweet, refreshing balance
3.    Caraway & Bitter Greens —  An unmistakable spice tames the bitter bite of bold greens
4.    Bay Leaves & Preserved Lemon —   Slowly coaxed flavor worth the wait, an aromatic mix of bitter, salty-tart and bright
5.    Almond & Ale    The bittersweet character of both ingredients makes a congenial, cozy and hearty match
6.    Turmeric & Vine-Ripened Tomatoes —   Earthy and naturally sweet, this colorful, healthful blend is always in season
7.    Pumpkin Pie Spice & Coconut Milk —   This lush, warm pairing reconnects with its tropical roots
8.    Roasted Cumin & Chickpeas  —  This globetrotting Mediterranean duet delivers warm, earthy flavor harmonies
9.    Creole Mustard & Shellfish —   A vibrant pair that brings Gulf Coast gusto to any part of the country
10.    Chives & Fish Sauce —   Savory fusion of French and Asian cuisines

How would you use some of these flavors?

How does one roast cumin or ginger for that matter? Here are some ideas for how to use these flavors.

Check out the flavor combos for 2009.

  1. Basil and Watermelon would go great in a cocktail (I think I had one like this about a year ago and it was fantastic!).

    Creole mustard and Shellfish has me thinking about a remoulade sauce and might just have to make one this weekend!

    Chives & Fish sauce? Definitely a marinade.

    Roasted cumic & chickpeas: hummus.

    Sometimes things don’t have to be complicated to be good 🙂 Now I’m hungry!

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