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February: Super Bowl, Gem Show, Valentines Day

Gemmed Satyr
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There seems to be a lot of stuff going on in February.

Feb. 7 is the Super Bowl. Go Colts! Go Saints! That’s the end of my enthusiasm. I’m not a football fan. But I know the Super Bowl is good for business (TVs, home theatre, restaurants, grocery stores, spirits, travel, etc.) so that’s a good thing for economic stimulus.

If you’re a non Super Bowl fan, check out this great idea.

Here’s a recipe for healthy guacamole and fast & healthy Super Bowl recipes.

Last year in Tucson some Comcast customers were treated to 10 to 15 seconds of porn. Some Comcastic mistake happened and families observed a prominent male body part swinging in the wind. It made the previous year of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction look like Alice in Wonderland. Hey, whatever happened to that FBI investigation anyway?

In Tucson we have the Gem & Mineral Show going on now until mid Feb which brings thousands of people and millions of dollars to the Old Pueblo. Then the Rodeo happens at the end of the month.

Then of course, there’s  Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year on Feb. 14, Presidents Day, and Ash Wednesday when some people will give up meat or alcohol or sugar or something that has meaning to them.

Stay tuned as it will all be addressed here except maybe not the rodeo because I’m not a fan of animal cruelty.

  1. It’s nice to know that Comcast reads my blog. Here’s a message I received from them:


    I saw your post on the Super Bowl on the Food Blog (which I love, by the way). Since you asked I thought I would let you know the FBI is in the process of an ongoing investigation. We have shared all of our information on this situation with the FBI, and continue to provide our full cooperation to them.

    Kelle – Corporate Affairs Manager

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