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10 worst foods!

Potato chips
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This is a version of some one’s top 10 worse foods NOT to eat. I thought it was interesting and I bet everyone has ideas on each item this lady talks about. For me, I agree with the fact that these foods are bad, but I do not necessarily think they are all the absolute worst. I personally eat either turkey bacon when I want a treat because it is a lot better. I also do know that canned soups are high in sodium and other factors, but healthier can soups aren’t that bad. These are some of the reasons why I disagree with this list.

10. Fried Catfish

9. Canned soups

8. Bacon

7. Fast food hamburger

6. Store bought goods (ex. twinkies)

5. potato chips

4. hot dogs

3.french fries


1. soda


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