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The Best Burger in Town

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc.
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I am from the Cleveland area, so when I came to college in Toledo, there were a lot of restaurants I had never heard of. One of these restaurants I had never heard of was Red Robin. I had seen commercials back home for them, and always remembered RED-ROBIN-YUM… but I never had been to one.

Last year, my friends and I were shopping and decided to grab a bite to eat. We ended up finding a Red Robin, and trying it since I had never been there before. When I first walked in, the restaurant was very clean, nicely decorated and looked fun. Once we sat down, we  got our drinks and order very quickly. Our waitress was friendly, and the service was good, but the best part was the burger. This burger was truly an experience in itself. They are so big that I had to take half of it home, and I was still full. I ordered a specialty turkey burger. Another interesting thing about the restaurant was with every sandwich, you get unlimited fries.

Now I understand that fries are not healthy, but for a treat once in awhile, it is nice. They have a special Red Robin seasoning and when I was there, I put it on my fries. It was a real treat and I’m glad I got a chance to go there.

Then, two weeks ago, my dad decided to come to Toledo for a visit. While he was here, we went to lunch. I got to pick the restaurant, and since I never go out to eat, I decided to pick Red Robin. Although I had an amazing experience there before, I never got a real beef burger, and so I wanted to try it. Plus,I was also convinced to go there because I had a coupon. So when my dad and I ordered, the service was the same as before, and the burgers were even better.

So if your looking for a nice place to eat a good juicy burger sometime, Red Robin is the place to go. All of there burgers range between $7-$10 and come with unlimited fries. They also usually have online coupons to save a few bucks.

Torie Nicholas

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