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Healthy Super Bowl Super Foods Snacks

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Superbowl Sunday is Feb. 7. At this time I have no clue who is playing but I did see the main event was in Miami.

Health and fitness expert Dr. Eric Plasker, best-selling author of The 100 Year Lifestyle and The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout, has offered Circle of Food some suggestions for how to help you get through the game without the weight gain.

Here are some of his healthy Super Bowl snack ideas:

Dips that Don’t:
Hummus and babaganoush are two great dips that add some edge to your party. Plus, they’re much healthier than heavy cheese dips. For variety, buy an assortment of flavors, like red pepper, garlic and olive. Pair these with pre-cut veggies like carrots, broccoli and celery, rather than chips. You can also buy whole grain, stone ground, or 100 percent whole-wheat crackers, which contain fiber and nutritional value. You’ll get all of the flavor and less of the fat.

Wings for Winners
Buy baked chicken wings instead of fried chicken wings. When they’re covered in sauce, you won’t taste the difference. Just be sure to steer clear of blue cheese and ranch dressings or buy low-fat versions.

Sub Saviors
Sub sandwiches can be a good way to get your protein and fill up on not-so-fattening food. Limit the mayo, pack your sandwich with extra lettuce and tomato, and eat it open-faced to save on calories.

Dessert Danger
Finger foods can be the most dangerous, as they’re easy to pop into your mouth without thinking. Don’t be a grazer. Load your plate with a small portion of whatever you want to try. Then step away from the dessert table. That way, you’re practicing portion control.

Workout Warriors
Plan ahead. If you think you’ll be taking in an extra 1,000 calories on Superbowl Sunday, make sure to get in a good workout on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before the game. That way, you can compensate for the extra intake and net out without weight gain.

About Dr. Eric Plasker
Health and fitness expert Dr. Plasker is author of The 100 Year Lifestyle, a best-selling book and wellness system that enables people to make the most of their years through a unique, total-life program that addresses health, nutrition, exercise, mental agility, creativity, finances, friends and
family, work, community, and achieving a sense of purpose.

Owner of two highly successful family practices for almost 20 years, Dr. Plasker has been featured extensively by the media, including
CNN, FOX, NBC, Self, Woman’s World, Health and in major newspapers around the country.

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