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I was reading The Wall Street Journal this week, and I found a very interesting article pertaining to BMI, body mass index. This article talked about how individuals with a normal BMI can still have health risks, and talked about the facts of how skinny might not be healthy enough.

Previous to this new research, a healthy BMI was around 18-21% body fat. If you were below this percentage, you could have a wide variety of problems if you were too skinny. On the other hand, if you BMI was above the percentage, you could have increased health risks such as stroke, heart attack and organ problems.

Now, they are saying that even if you are a normal weight according to the BMI, you still might be more prone to the health risks. This is scary to think that even the non obese people have to worry a little now.

The only problem I have with BMI is it is not accurate in my opinion. One of my friends in high school was 5’10” and weighted 140 lbs. According to her coach in high school using the BMI as a measure of her weight, she was “overweight”, but if you would have seen this girl, she was definitely NOT big at all. I am not saying this whole system is completely flawed, but as for my friend, her BMI index did not match her health index.

If you are curious about your BMI, here is a free online BMI calculator.

Torie Nicholas

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