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New food product review: Perky Jerky

A few weeks ago the people at Perky Jerky sent me two packages of their teriyaki flavored Perky Jerky. I tried to repost their jpeg but for some reason could not save as.

You can visit the Perky Jerky website to view the product and the ordering information.

Perky Jerky is the first USDA approved all-natural caffeinated beef jerky.  Each 2 oz. bag contains 150 mg of caffeine which is roughly the amount found in two energy drinks.

The jerky was utterly delicious, spicy with a kick.

But what I really liked was the buzz. Oh, boy, Around 3 p.m. every day I start feeling lethargic. On the day I received the jerky I ate a bag and VA VOOM about 10 minutes later I was in full throttle. I was too energized to sit at my computer and work, so I jumped up and started cleaning out a closet. When that was done, I cleaned out under the kitchen sink, a task that I have been avoiding for years.

I felt like a wind-up doll — Martha Stewart meets the Energizer Bunny.

Then I walked the dog…again.

After awhile I became tired and took a short nap but woke up refreshed, almost like being woken up from hypnosis.

The next day, again I felt lethargic at 3 p.m. so I cracked open the second and last bag of Perky Jerky and once again VA VOOM. This time I forced myself to concentrate and write and did so for about 2.5 straight hours of fierce concentration all the while my leg was tapping vigorously and my mind was racing with ideas gone wild.

A few hours later I crashed for a longer nap. Don’t try this at work because what employer lets you take a nap?

Anyway, I am intrigued by Perky Jerky.

Whose the jerk who thought to add caffeine to make jerky perky? More power to you.

Perky Jerky is tasty and low in calories, carbs, and has lots of protein. I think it has great promise in the snack world.

  1. Karyn, I am saddened that you didn’t think to ask me to help you taste test Perky Jerky. It sounds like the perfect pick me up. I wonder about the salt content, as I do with all jerky — it’s what keeps me from eating more of it.

    That said, you could drink lots of water with your Perky Jerky, which would sustain the wakeful effects by keeping you up and going to the bathroom, thus providing additional exercise.

  2. The jerky people only sent me two packages. If they would’ve sent me a case, I would’ve shared.
    I remember looking at the salt content but of course, I cannot remember the salt content.

    I’m just wondering what next new food product will be infused with caffeine? Bring it on!

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