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Food Product Review: Vino de Milo Bruschetta Toppings

Delicious chunky bruschetta

The people at Vino de Milo wanted to know if I would review their product. So that’s my first disclosure — I did not pay for this product. My second disclosure — I would buy this product  in the real marketplace.

Frequently, I find that some products like this are too salty. I don’t have high blood pressure so I don’t have to watch my sodium content like some of my friends but I still don’t like too much salt.

What I really like about these chunky bruschetta toppings was how earthy and un-manufactured the toppings tasted.

I received six jars and shared three jars with three other food writers.

The bruschetta line includes these three wine-based flavors:

  • Spicy Sun-Dried Tomato Bruschetta with Chianti
  • Black Olive & Currant Bruschetta with Malbec
  • Artichoke & Garlic Bruschetta with Pinot Grigio

So what makes these bruschetta toppings so special?
Let’s see…there’s Ohio-grown tomatoes (I’m a native Ohioan and I do remember how good the tomatoes tasted), fresh herbs, chunky vs. pureed — bring on the rustic texture.

My favorite was the black olive & currant bruschetta with Malbec wine. The olives were chunky, the currants added a tad of sweetness all brilliantly blended together and complemented by the Malbec wine.

Everyone liked their bruschetta toppings and one food writer said she almost ate the whole thing with a spoon. I mixed some with pasta because I ran out of bread.

Artisanally-created in small batches, all of Vino de Milo’s products are made with real ingredients and fresh herbs for maximum flavor.  The new bruschettas have no sugars added, contain only minimal sodium (the olive bruschetta has no added salt  at all), and are all vegan and gluten-free.

Instead you taste the true natural flavors of the ingredients not a bunch of multi-syllabic words you cannot pronounce.

I recommend you have some in your pantry because you never know who’s going to drop in and you can wow them with Vino de Milo.

Where to buy: Across the country, various independent specialty food stores carry Vino de Milo, you can check out their state-by-state listing locations on their website as well as purchase from their e-shop. They also offer sauces and salad dressings.

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