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Healthy Food: Beets, Hemp Seeds, Goji Berries

The red color of beets comes from betalain pig...
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The people at Budget Life asked me to consider sharing their article — the 19 healthiest foods you are probably not eating.

Okay, here goes…

It’s an inspired 19 and some foods that are so exotic, although I have heard of them, I have not tried goji berries myself.

Looking at the list — I do better than average.

This list says dark meat is better for you than white meat. I’ll eat to that. White meat is so boring. Nothing tastes better than a thigh or drumstick.

People may be a little challenged with hemp seeds. I used to put hemp powder in my smoothies but it tasted really bad, even the vanilla hemp powder was not palatable. Give me good one whey powder.

There are some common foods on the list like frozen blueberries, sardines, scallops, cabbage, beets, dried plums/prunes, cinnamon and then some not some common like guava and purslane and seed weed.

Read the interesting article. One complaint: It would be helpful to know what credentials the writer of the article has.

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