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Healthy dining – eat more vegetables

Eat healthy, eat more vegetables

Now that I receive my Tucson Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share, I have been eating many more fresh vegetables including greens. I am falling in love with gorgeous greens.

From the photo above you will note that my salad has just picked lettuces, roasted root vegetables, and grape tomatoes.

I also took a jar of Trader Joe’s tomato-basil spaghetti sauce and enhanced it to my liking.

Naturally, I didn’t measure anything because I’m a wild unpredictable woman in the kitchen but here’s what I did.

First, I sauteed about 1/4 package of Trader Joe’s frozen peppers & onion fajita mix in olive oil. I made the above mix into a diced medley. Then I added one diced chicken sausage (any sausage would do even soy sausage). I added a frozen garlic cube and a frozen cilantro cube (again from Trader Joe’s) plus a generous grinding of fresh pepper.

Next, I added the sauce and stirred. Then I added about 1/3 cup red wine (pinot noir) and some chopped fresh basil leaves from my plant, a generous sprinkling of cumin and cayenne pepper. I let this mix simmer on medium to low heat for 30 minutes.

Some like it spicy and that would be me. While the sauce was flavorful, it wasn’t perky enough. Perusing the refrigerator, I found chipotle salsa and added half a cup.

Lastly, I added a generous handful or two of fresh greens braising mix (torn into small pieces) allowing it to wilt and put the mixture into the refrigerator for 4 hours. I recommend doing this the night before but I was too tired.

For dinner, I cooked whole wheat rotelle pasta al dente, drained, and mixed into the sauce to serve.

Mama Mia! It was absolutely delicious (even cheese-less) and I got rave reviews. I urge you to experiment by adding more vegetables to your pasta sauce and to spice it up.

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