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Great Pizza Deal!

Pizza Hut
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Since I am in college, I am always on the lookout for good deals. I use all the coupons, and finds I can get because it saves me money that I can spend on other items.

I’m sure everyone has heard this deal advertised on TV sometime recent. The Pizza Hut Commercial.


That’s exactly what it is. It is such a great deal when your too busy to cook and need something cheap. My friends and I ordered one last night and it was very good. We all ended up each paying a couple dollars, and we couldn’t even finish the pizza. When they mean any toppings, they really do. I thought there would be some sort of limit, but I guess not.

I know not everyone likes a lot of toppings, but if you do, definitely go for it. This is worth for $10!!!

Torie Nicholas

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