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Tucson restaurant news: Sir Veza taco, Tubac

Tucson restaurant news

New: Sir Veza’s Taco Garage
Sir Veza is a clever wordplay on “cerveza”. Formerly El Charro and before that a failed McMahon Restaurant Group BBQ joint, and before that…my memory is fading. I like the wordplay but “taco garage” just doesn’t get my tastebuds pumping. However, I am probably not the demographic of clientele.

Sir Veza’s menu boasts tacos, burros, burgers, wings, salads, and churros and lots of cerveza and spirits with a car theme such as “Cadillac of tacos,”  “car club sandwich,” and “jalapeno hubcap.”  Honk! There’s lots more.

Maybe Sir Veza’s is hoping to give Oregano’s, a wildly popular pizza joint which almost always has a crowd of people out front waiting for a table, a bit of competition.

Sir Veza’s is located at 4699 E. Speedway (at Swan). Hours: 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. Saturdays and Sundays, (weekend breakfast buffet), 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Mondays through Fridays; 325-1922.

New menu: Dos Silos Comida Mexicana/Tubac
This restaurant located at the Tubac Golf Resort has updated their menu with hot & spicy oysters, green chile stew with pork carnitas and warm tortillas (I may have to make the trek for that; it’s closer than New Mexico.) You can mix and match tacos and tamales. Tamales offer mouth watering green chile & corn for traditionalists; beef & jalapeno if you want to explore your spicy inner child; and lobster & mango for a tropical tango. Or if you can’t make up your mind — order all three.

If you’re an entree type of person order the chili crusted rib eye steak and garlic crusted seabass. You can check out the desserts yourself; I’m already full writing about this.

Tubac Golf Resort is a beautiful setting. I enjoy just going there and walking the grounds but now I’ll have a bowl of green chile to feed my wannabe New Mexican soul. Tubac Golf Resort & Spa is located at 1 Otero Road in Tubac. Take I-19 south to exit 40 (Chavez Siding Road) and follow signs, 520-398-2678.

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  1. Taco Garage? Can I get a new muffler installed with those tacos? I agree, the name is not very appetizing but I hope the food is better.

  2. “Garage” reminds me of “Factory” — e.g., Cheesecake Factory — and “Company” — e.g., Tucson Tamale Company. I don’t understand why those words would inspire people to visit a restaurant. Comfort in mass production? The food at both those places transcends the names so maybe that’ll be true of a Taco Garage (which I like better than factory or company because at least it’s funky, not corporate sounding).

  3. P.S. Karyn and Kate, we might have to make a trip down to the Tubac Golf Resort. The food has always been super, and they have outrageously good margaritas. Now green chile stew…

  4. I have been to Sir Veza’s Taco Garage on a number of occasions and every time it has a been a fun and delicious experience. They are pretty creative with ingredients and everything tastes very fresh. I know they are hoping to franchise the place, and although I’m not a big fan of mass-produced uniqueness, it is a clever concept that they have really ‘driven’ home. I can highly recommend it for a fun, and reasonably-priced dinner out.

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