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Whole Wheat Pizza – 30-Minute Dinner – Honest

I love to make homemade pizza when I want something special yet fun.  My Mom used to do this and it brings back fond memories. 

Homemade Pizza is great to do for New Year’s Eve when it is just a few of you staying in or for birthday parties, Saturday nights in front of the TV or whatever. 

I made homemade whole wheat pizza for New Years Eve and tried something new — making the pizza dough using my bread machine.  It really took a lot of the mess out of the process (I don’t knead dough very well) and from the time I took the dough out to roll, to when I took it out of the oven, it was only 30 minutes.  How quick is that!

The pizza dough recipe made two thin crusts.  I cooked one on a preheated ceramic pizza dish (shown in first photo) and the other on a Baker’s Secret double-paneled cookie sheet (shown in the second photo).  The dough baked on the ceramic plate came out thinner and crispier, as you would expect, because it started cooking the dough immediately on contact.  The dough on the cookie sheet actually rose higher because it didn’t start cooking right away.

The recipe said to brush olive oil on to the surface of the dough before adding the ingredients.  I had never done this before.  It kept the dough softer on the crusts.  I think I prefer the crisp edges, myself and will leave this step out next time.

It’s always fun to let guests fix their own pizza toppings, and when I have lots of people, I cut the dough into smaller individual pizzas.  In our case, hubby, Jim, and I split the creative process.  I put fresh spinach, black olives, fresh mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and fresh tomatoes on mine.  Jim was more creative with the spices on his and preferred to leave the spinach off.

100% whole wheat pizza is definitely different from box or restaurant pizza.  It’s very good, but different in texture and taste.  Experiment with adding different percentages of unbleached white flour to get the combination that you enjoy most.  

But I think the most important part about making your own pizza is that you know what is in the ingredients.  You are in control of your healthy lifestyle. 


  1. Mary
    Those pizzas looks good.
    I won’t be getting a bread maker in this lifetime but I have seen whole wheat pizza dough at Trader Joe’s and elsewhere around these parts so I might try to make one next month when I’m eating cheese.
    A local restaurant, Zona 78, also offers whole wheat pizzas. If I order the pizza when I go there, I get the whole wheat.

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