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Recall: Nutty Guys

Going Nuts

I couldn’t resist writing that headline.

The Nutty Guys in conjunction with the FDA are issuing a recall of all Butter Toffee Peanuts and Yogurt Covered Peanuts with sell by dates before March 15 2010.

Insects were discovered in some of these products.

While some chocolate covered insects are a delicacy, these are not. If you have ever eaten a chocolate covered insect — please share what you ate and why you ate it?

Nuts have not fared well lately, as many varieties for one reason or another.

  1. Years ago, the day after I served some homemade gravy for Thanksgiving, I discovered “lumps” in it that looked unusual. The lumps were little worms that were in my flour that I had not noticed! And yes – we all ate it, unknowingly! But, we all survived to eat another day.

    I used to have problems with insects in my flour, but have not had them for years. I attribute it to scattering bay leaves on the cupboard shelves. Try it.

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