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New Years Traditions

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When you think of the year coming to an end, most people think of big parties, fireworks, and of course the ball dropping at midnight. A big tradition for most people on New Years Eve is going out to celebrate the new year. My family usually does something different each year, but the common thread is food, friends, drinking (for those over 21) and a celebration. Whether it be staying in with your friends, or going to a huge event, New Years Eve is always a fun time.

This year, I am going to Sandusky with my friends and family to go to dinner, stay in a hotel, celebrate, swim, and much more. I am very excited because it is not a typical new years party.

On the other hand, one of my friend’s family traditions for new years is much different. His family does not have the typical party, but instead hangs out at home to watch the 3 stooges marathon all day while eating appetizers. Although this is different, it is still a very fun way to celebrate the new years with family.

Another very cool idea is going to Zeppee’s Pizza in Hudson, OH for new years. They are having live music, a buffet of food, and non alcoholic drinks for $35 a person. The space is limited, but it is sure to be a blast. They also are having a cash bar for other drinks.

When looking for more ideas for new years eve, I also found that a club in Cleveland is having a buffet and all the drinks you want, with dancing of course, for $50 a person. This is a lot of money, but people do very extravagant things for this date.

Bottom line, with the many choices out there, I hope you have something special planned for tonight. Be safe!  HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!

Torie Nicholas

  1. Jim and I are going to stay in and make homemade pizza and watch a movie. I’m going to use my bread machine to make dough (although it is easy enough to do by hand, I just want to try the machine out for the experience). It will probably be mostly vegetarian as I don’t have any pepperoni or sausage in the house – which is perfectly fine with me. I’ve got a jar of roasted peppers, mushrooms, grilled onions, spinach – should be yummy.

  2. We were going to do our usual quiet night at home with movies and Champagne but got an email about a special that the Melting Pot was running so made some last-minute reservations and will be having a late supper there.

    New Year’s Day we’ll be having the usual cabbage (for wealth/luck) and black-eyed peas (for health) but this year we’ll be making Runza/bierocks for the cabbage bit (the boyfriend is from Nebraska and Runza is, apparently, a state treasure that we’re going to try to recreate down here in Florida :).

  3. Jennifer
    Please let us know what Runza/bierocks are and how they turned out.

    I went out champagne tasting with some friends to my favorite wine tasting/wine store. Good thing we came on the early side and brought snacks because the place was packed.

  4. The Tastey Pony restaurant and hotel ended up being wonderful. For the $150 room price, it included 4 waterpark passes to a smaller waterpark, 4 dinner buffets at the restaurant, free breakfast in the morning, and a cookie cake decorated for new years. It was well worth it!

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