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2010 Food Predictions

August 1981 issue
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On Wednesday, The Early Show had Bon Appetit Magazine’s restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton speak about  predictions for 2010’s food selections.

To start, Andres Knowlton talked about how his predictions for southern food were right for 2009.

His prediction for the biggest dish of the year for 2010 is meatballs. He talks about meatballs in all different forms and from different places around the world.

The cuisine of the year is new Austrian. This is from the beer boom. Some of these foods include the new macaroni, and making pretzels.

The ingredient of the year is Sriracha. It is basically a hot sauce from California. Every good chef should have this in their kitchen.

Next, he talks about the party of the year being vegetarian cooking. If this type of party was had years ago, no one would come, but not it is very popular.

Last, the dessert of 2010 is all American comfort food. These desserts include apple brown betty, coconut cake, and cobblers.

If you want to see this clip from The Early Show, you can check it out here.

Torie Nicholas

  1. I have the January issue with all the meatball recipes and there all looked delicious as did the whole issue.
    You know magazines are catering to the new economy when they put meatballs on Bon Appetit and simple spaghetti on Saveur.

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