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This is a relatively new product that is very interesting. It is a sugar substance with no actual sugar, similar to sweet n low or equal, but it also contains a flavor for your beverage. I sampled true lemon, true lime, and true orange from free samples from a website.

This not only added a calorie free sweetener to my drink, but also made it flavored. I used the true lemon in unsweetened ice tea. I tried the true lime in diet coke and I have yet to try the true orange packets. I think this although similar to other products, it very unique because of the flavor ideas.

These packets

  • Fresh-squeezed taste
  • 0 calories, 0g carbs
  • 0g sugars, no artificial or natural sweeteners
  • No preservatives or sodium
  • 100% guarantee of satisfaction
  • If you are interested and would like to request a free sample sent to your house, just follow this link and fill out the information. It is 100% safe and no credit card information is needed.

    Torie Nicholas

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