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Crab Rangoon

Crab Rangoon
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Looking for a QUICK EASY recipe for the holidays. This recipe is not only fun to make, but doesn’t take too long. It looks great and would be a wonderful appetizer for a New Year’s party! Crab Rangoon is an Asian inspired appetizer with fried dough filled with a crab mixture. Many people have not tried this before, but it is a real treat. Even some of my friends who hate crab love it because the cream cheese is the overpowering flavor.

So here’s the recipe and you can give it a shot!

Go to the grocery and get 2 packs of large won ton wraps. (like for egg rolls). They are in the vegetable aisle at Giant Eagle and most places. That is the outside wrap.
Then for the filling, combine crab meat and cream cheese. You probably need 2 to 3 packs of cream cheese, but it all depends on how much you wanna make. The crab to cream cheese ratio is a lot of cream cheese to a little crab but it’s all up to you. I also use imitation crab because it is cheaper.
So then you lay out a wrap flat, put the mixture in the middle, then pitch the edges so its closed. Make them all first, then fry them at the end. Fry them in a pan filled with vegetable oil until they are golden brown. It makes for a wonderful recipe.
Serve sweet and sour sauce on the side. Hope you enjoy!!

* My mom and i wanted to make a Crab Rangoon recipe but couldn’t find a good one so we decided to start experimenting and we came up with this. I really like how it turns out and I hope you will too

Torie Nicholas

  1. My favorite local take-out spot makes theirs sweet (the addition of some powdered sugar, no doubt) and also includes very finely chopped green onions. Go ahead and experiment with some spices, too.

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