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Christmas Eve Party

American Christmas Tree
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Every year, my family does something different for christmas eve. Two years ago, we went to The Baskins to enjoy a fabulous dinner with our friends. Last year, we stayed home and cooked a variety of foods as a family. This year, we had a lot of fun because we went to a party of some family friends. This party was hosted by the owner of Zeppes n Hudson, Gina. She was a wonderful host. When we first got there, we were welcomed into her beautifully decorated house. She had so many christmas decorations, it was amazing. Besides the polite hospitality for 25 guests consisting of family and friends, she had wonderful food.

For her first course, she had lasagna and bread. About an hour later, we all had huge roasts, vegetables and salad. Then later, we had dessert. The lasagna was very tastey, espcially because she is Italian and made all the noodles from scratch. Then, the roasts were very well cooked to fit everyones preferences and a real treat for Christmas. Finally, the desserts were amazing. She had a variety of cookies, cakes, and torts. I could not decide which I wanted, so I took a couple and shared them with everyone.

To top off the great party, santa also showed up and brought presents for all the little kids. We then took turns taking santa pictures with each family.

This party was wonderful and it put me in the holiday mood. I was so thankful to go, and everything was a blast. I even met some new girls that were fun!

Torie Nicholas

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