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Food Humor: Deep Fried Throat

Deep Fried Candy Bar stand at the Minnesota St...
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Deep frying hits an all time low or high depending on your outlook and stomach.

Actually, some of these foods look good and some unbelievable.

Now really, do we need deep fried bacon? Does Paula Deen have a part in that?

Deep frying anything and everything has been a real hit at state and county fairs. I remember when I first read about deep fried coke, I wondered what they had done with the real thing.

I do admit to eating deep fried pickles at Nonie’s, a former Cajun restaurant in Tucson. Geez, I miss those pickles. Is anyone recreating that in Tucson?

Before I show  the list, I want to kvetch about deep fried cheesecake (OMG!) and deep fried mac-n-cheese (OMG x 2!).

Okay, here’s the list.

Can you think of a food that hasn’t been deep fried yet?

  1. Sadly, I’m in a comfort food phase and those pictures have me craving a Monte Cristo!

    The strawberries were a bit of a surprise, as were the asparagus (though, why, since I’ve seen Green Bean “Fries” at a local restaurant, escapes me) and the soda, but ever since I had Fried Ice Cream at Cucos as a teenager I’ve not question the ability to fry any food you can think of.

    Ability. Not validity. Big difference 🙂

  2. Hey,

    So wats the big deal about deep frying? We Indians are used to deep frying our vegetables and breads on a regular basis.

    The deep fried banana chips are too good. Albeit a bit on the fatty side, but taste too yummy.

    all the pakodas that we make are deep fried, be it onion or potato or spinach!!

    Just the very thought of it is mouth watering.

    So don’t worry about deep frying. It is a very common phenomenon in many parts of the world.

  3. Shaina, thanks for putting a different perspective on this. Probably like Karyn, as a child I learned that “deep frying” was a no-no because of extra calories, higher cholesterol, etc. But today, if you use heart-healthy oils (e.g. olive oil and canola oil) and balance your diet with vegetables and other good things like exercise and fiber, etc. then everything is good in moderation.

    I’d love to hear more about what oils you use and how you work this into your healthy lifestyle.

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