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I went to a nice restaurant/wine bar with my parents two nights ago. The place is located in downtown Hudson, OH. This cozy little restaurant is a real treat to visit, but our reason for going was for Maria Jacobs. Maria Jacobs is a fabulous jazz singer who is trying to get signed in the near future. Her music really is inspiring and I love to listen to her sing.

So while my parents had wine, and a ordered a side salad, we were delighted by Maria’s music. This restaurant does have amazing taste treats, but it can be very pricey. My side caesar salad was eight dollars, and it really was only a side. The very interesting part about it though was how it was presented and with so much detail. The salad was hearts of romaine grilled. I have never had grilled salad before, but it was very good. It made a salad a little warmer, but it was amazing. Then, on top of the salad was caesar dressing, a little ham, cheese, and a fried cheese circle on top. This salad was worth the treat, but I can not afford this restaurant all the time. It is definitely pricey. The appetizers range from 3 to 5 a piece. The smaller portions are around 10-20. The regular entrees, which still aren’t that big, are around 20-40. Very cool place inside though! Especially the music of Maria Jacobs. A real treat!

Torie Nicholas

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