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Going Nuts: Hazelnut Recall at Whole Foods

Hazelnut Recall
Hazelnut Recall

In a nutshell: The nut doesn’t fall from the tree (bad pun). Earlier today I posted about a big recall from an Oregon hazelnut farmer because of possible salmonella food poisoning, and of course, it has a domino effect. It’s fortunate that hazelnuts are probably not as popular has peanuts so perhaps the 28,000 + pounds of recalled nuts won’t be as widespread.

States affected in the Whole Foods recall are: California, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

Here’s the press release from Whole Foods as distributed by the FDA.

Do you like hazelnuts?

I think they are an acquired taste. I love Nutella but don’t like hazelnut flavored coffee.

  1. Karyn, funny you should mention Nutella. Both my kids love it, which is saying something as they both have such different tastes. Its too sweet for my morning toast, but I can see it replacing peanut butter for some.

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