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7 Healthy Eating Habits for Those Who Multitask

We live in a world that’s full of go-getters who know that they have to stay on their toes constantly and continue to keep up or risk getting left behind. It’s a rat race for money, fame and popularity and 24 hours a day is just not enough to squeeze in all that you want to do. So the only thing left to do is multitask and use your brain for like a parallel processor. It’s like juggling various balls in the air; you have to be careful not to drop any of them lest you have to risk the consequences.
If you’re someone who likes to have more than one finger in all the pies that you have stakes in, you need to aid your efforts by augmenting them with the right kind of sustenance for your body. Remember, any engine’s worth is determined by the fuel it uses. So here goes, seven healthy eating habits for those who multitask:
1.    Never skip breakfast: or any meal for that matter. When you skip meals, your body’s natural instinct is to conserve any extra fat that it holds because it does not know when it’s going to be fed again, and so it goes into the famine mode. Skipping breakfast is an even bigger health sin because your body has had no food for at least 6 hours and needs to replenish its fuel supply. When you give breakfast a miss, you have no energy to get through the day, you feel irritable, and you lose concentration and find it hard to focus on your multiple tasks.
2.    Eat small meals, six times a day: This is the best way to boost your metabolism, keep your brain sharp, and prevent yourself from eating too much in one meal. Overeating leads to digestive problems and obesity over a period of time. Small meals keep you energetic and you avoid the lethargy that comes after eating a heavy meal. So space your meals, and eat less in more.
3.    Always carry a healthy snack: When you’re a busy person who is bogged down by responsibilities, you don’t pay attention to what you eat. If you’re hungry, your idea of a snack is to probably pick up a doughnut from the box that’s on your desk. But this is a bad idea because it makes you overweight, it does nothing for you nutritionally, and because it becomes an addictive over time. Instead, carry an energy bar or some sliced fruit with you for you to munch on when hungry in between meals.
4.    Don’t forget to eat because you’re busy: You may be busy, but that’s no reason to ignore the rumblings of your stomach. Take a few minutes to eat a healthy snack so that you avoid irritability in the present and ulcers at a later stage.
5.    Stick to the same meal times as much as possible: This is something that’s hard to do when you’re busy with work, but as much as possible, stick to the same timings for your meals and snacks.  This way, your metabolism stays stable and your body is not confused by your erratic eating habits.
6.    Choose to eat healthy: Make your meals nutritious affairs with large servings of fruits and vegetables. The major part of your meal must be complex carbohydrates with a liberal amount of protein and a small amount of fat thrown in. Steer clear of aerated drinks because they are loaded with calories but absolute zeroes in nutrition. And don’t get into the habit of eating junk food for your meals or otherwise.
7.    Don’t multitask when eating: Yes, it’s an irony because you multitask as a matter of routine, but when devote all your attention to your food without doing anything else at the same time, you don’t tend to overeat or eat more of the wrong kinds of food. So even if you have just 15 minutes for your meals, devote them to your food alone.

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  1. I like to eat almond butter or p’nut butter with a small apple for a breakfast at work. I have been keeping apples & seasonal fruit around (right now those yummy clementines) to snack. It helps. I have yet to reach perfection in my eating habits.

  2. Hey, neat article! I’ve recently been trying to loose weight, and I LOVE snacking on almonds and apples in the late afternoon! It totally saves my life!! I just need a little more motivation on the weekend…friday nights and saturday days are killers for me!! if anyone has any motivational insights I’d seriously LOVE to hear them. I just started a blog


    so please share with me any motivational tips you have!!! 🙂

    thanks so much!
    jenny 🙂

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