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Cooking is the New Black


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Today, the Wall Street Journal had an article talking about the new trend in consumers’ interests – gone is America’s infatuation with affluent living (a la Fine Living Network channel) and in its place is – cooking (a la Cooking Channel).



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I got a preview of this yesterday when I was channel flipping and happened upon Gordon Ramsey‘s new cooking show called Cookalong Live with Gordon Ramsey.  I was curious to see if he was going to shout and ridicule his participants to the point of tears like he did on Hell’s Kitchen., so I stuck around for a few minutes.  He tried to be charming, but it just came off as being rushed and forced.  He needs to try to do less in the time that he has and start enjoying the process and the people with whom he is doing it.


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  1. Just wondering were is this leading? Cooking is the New Black? perhapes I will take a look at the artical…Gone is Ammerica’s interest in foolishness and ignorance!

  2. Ronald, just my quirky humor. In the fashion world, “black” is the chic, fashionable, always right-in-style color. A few years ago, brown came into vogue and was dubbed “the new black”. My reference to “cooking is the new black” is just my way of saying that there is change in the air again.

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