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EASY ice cream cake

Macadamia Nut chocolate top Kona coffee ice cr...
Image by Grantsviews via Flickr

I was recently looking through recipes to try and find something special to make for the Christmas holiday, and then I came to this one. It looked very good from the picture, and then when I got to the ingredients portion of the recipe, I knew it was  for me.

This recipe consists of 3 things- ice cream, hot fudge and pie crust (usually oreo or chocolate). Easy enough!

You first take the ice cream and let it sit out until it is soft. Once it is soft, you scoop it into the pie crust. You then can add hot fudge, or any other toppings on top to make it look fancier. You can even try adding frosting around the edges using a decorative tip.

That is the only prep and then you put it in the freezer for a couple hours to harden up. The dessert is not only easy, but looks very nice and is a hit for the whole family.

Try it and let me know what you think!

Torie Nicholas

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