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Chanukah, latkes, and cupcakes

Image by Runs With Scissors via Flickr

Chanukah is here and I forgot to post about it.

The other night my friends Genie and Steve and their two rescued greyhounds Virginia and Wiggles hosted a delightful Chanukah party.

The house was warm and festive, the people friendly, the food delicious, and the cupcakes stole the show.

Steve was the cook and attired in chef’s coat and hat. Apparently, he’s the cook in the family and Genie arranges things.

The food was served buffet style — pita chips with hummus, simple green salad, a mountain of latkes with sour cream & applesauce, baked chicken without the bone for easy eating, and vegetarian biriyani rice from Saffron restaurant.

Sometime while we were all spread out around the living/dining room and den eating, boxes of Red Velvet Cupcakery appeared. Then the guests gathered around to peek demanding to know what flavors were available. Even grown men were pondering the perfection of these gems.

What I like about cupcakes is automatic portion control and the range of flavors and creativity. I immediately reached for something chocolate and later learned I ate a gluten-free cupcake with chocolatey frosting.

Red Velvet Cupcakery has two locations in Washington D.C. and one in Tucson near the UA.

Does anyone have an easy recipe for latkes?

I don’t grate potatoes. My dumbed down food processor is broken and I’m not buying another one.

Happy Chanukah to all.

  1. Excuse my ignorance here, but how fine do potatoes have to be grated for latkes? Could you use the cheap, old fashioned metal grater – the one with four sides each with different size grates? I’ve made potato pancakes with the largest grate size.

  2. Sorry, I just realized that you said you don’t grate potatoes and this recipe requires that. But it’s a good article about latkes nevertheless.

  3. Your Chanukah, latkes, and cupcakes party sounded like lots of fun.
    And, I made some revisions to my latke story that I posted yesterday, which has a large photo of my dog eyeing the plate of latkes, to underscore that onions are indeed poisonous for dogs (photos do have a way of speaking louder than words).

    And, indeed, for hand-grating latkes, the four-sided largest-hole grater is the one to use, so I added that too, after reading Mary’s comment.

    so, when you go to it, my post is now re-titled Latkes and your dog will still love you, and has a separate paragraph for dog-owners. 🙂


    I also have this idea for a National Museum of the Cookbook, and will touch base with you if that goes forward.

  4. You can buy grated potatoes at the grocery store in the fresh food section – not frozen. I think they are called “just potatoes” or something and they could be by the milk or cheese or something.

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