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Tweets on 2009-12-12

  • I'm at a Railroad Show in Columbus Ohio. These are china used on dining cars. http://s2t.vg/THanJg #
  • Marcella's Italian Restaurant in Short North District, Columbus OH – Now this is a meatball! http://s2t.vg/d9HhfO #
  • Veggie Pizza with fresh radiccio on top. Only the freshest of ingredients! Again at Marcellio's Columbus OH http://s2t.vg/LJJ6Hh #
  1. The gold-rimmed plates were not used for serving food, but rather to decorate the dining-car tables and taken away after the order was taken. The other plates shown were more sturdy for every-day use.

    I purchased a book while at the show that gets into the history of railroad dining car china. My interest was peaked because my grandfather was a Pullman conductor at the Cincinnati Union Terminal.

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