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Preparation for our Julie & Julia Christmas Feast


Butter and a butter knife
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Yesterday, my friend Carolyn and I started preparing for our annual LAFF Christmas Party (LAFF is the informal women’s social group that I belong to).  Carolyn came up with the great idea of recreating the Beoff Bourguignon recipe from the Julie and Julia movie.  I was assigned the vegetables (perl onions and mushrooms) that are added to the main dish.

I must admit that I have never cooked with so much butter and never will again.  This just cannot be healthy.  But I am enjoying the process and am learning a lot.  For example, I never realized that the vegetables are prepared separately, first, then added later so that you retain the integrety of the individual flavors of the vegetables.

I’ll post the complete menu tomorrow with photos of the gang and some recipes, but here is a preview of some of the preparation I’ve done already. 


  1. Mary
    That sounds divine in a buttery kind of way.
    My digestion is not used to butter. I cook with canola or olive oil so when I eat too much butter I feel glorious but sick, a trade off.

    I can’t wait to see the end results.

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