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I Dreamed a Dream – Sipping Encouraged

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Confession #1: I’m a Susan Boyle fan. The first time I saw her youtube video, I cried.

And I cried every time thereafter.

This under dog who doesn’t have the body of Madonna nor the black bra and fishnet stockings wrapped around her implants is my hero. She has bulges and wrinkles and is quite unfashionable like many of us. She’s the underdog who has managed to succeed despite the odds of preconceived musical notions.

Confession #2: I am clueless of what a MP3 player is or any similar product by Apple. I just don’t know what it is and don’t care and don’t like to have a lot of pricey small tech equipment around because I end up 1)losing it, 2)breaking it, 3)misplacing it which is similar to losing it but when I misplace something I usually find after much frustration, or lastly, 4)sometimes the dog throws it around like a damn stuffie.

According to an NPR blog, Susan Boyle’s album sold 701,000 copies in the U.S. in one week and only 6 percent were digital so there is a market for us who don’t have MP3 players and such.

Before Cyber Monday I ordered two Susan Boyle CDs with free shipping and received them two days later. There’s an Amazon distribution center in Phoenix just two hours away.

I have been listening to my CD and it fills my home with beautiful music.

As for what to sip with Susan Boyle — I recommend a rich port, hot spiced apple cider, or a steamy cup of Irish breakfast tea with milk and honey.

  1. I saw an article about her in the Wall Street Journal. I have never heard her music but what appeals to me about her is her “genuineness”, as you point out. I am so sick of fabricated “stars” that come out of American Idol – or even Design Star, for that matter.

  2. What was funny when I got the CD is the package said “as heard on Youtube”. That cracked me up. Usually CDs boast – as seen at Madison Square Garden or the Met or from the soundtrack of such and such movie.

    Youtube made Susan Boyle into a star. She was first seen on Britain’s Got Talent but that’s a limited audience. It was Youtube that made her into a star.

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