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Pass the cholives – chocolate olives

Chocolate olive adornment
Chocolate olive adornment

What’s a cholive? It’s like what it sounds…a chocolate olive. Not a chocolate covered olive but a chocolate olive, a cocktail chocolate that pairs well with cocktails or coffee laced with liquors and spirits. Cholives are a bit decadent but then again most really good chocolate is.

Cholives are made with 55 percent Swiss dark chocolate filled with smooth Vermont whole cream ganache.  Every Cholive comes with a skewer to hang on your martini or classic cocktail.

The Cholive Co. also makes Chruffles based on 55 percent Swiss dark chocolate formula with whole cream ganache in 16 different flavors. Chruffles pair well with wine for a fun party. By slowly letting the shell and ganache melt in your mouth, you can pick up amazing nuances in wine that only chocolate can bring out.

Disclosure: The Cholive Co. sent me the samples and they were simply divine.

  1. Oh, man, these sound divine!

    I’ve had fun with the Brix line of wine-paired chocolates and this sounds like the next level of fun.

  2. The skewer is a novelty. I can’t really see it hanging from my glass. The chocolate would not last long enough – I’d have eaten it sooner than that.

  3. Jennifer
    I have seen Brix here locally. I will have to try that soon.

    I was going to have a pairing party with some friends but ended up eating the samples before I could organize the event. Oh, well. When I get samples I try to spread it around for more input but then again not always…this was my secret pleasure.

  4. Depending on the material of the skewer (some appear plastic which the one pictured, here, looks to be metal) I could see enjoying the cholive then up-cycling the leftover skewer into some fun drink charms.

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